Standard Molecular NAAT (PCR or TMA) COVID-19 Test


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Covid Clinic is happy to offer COVID-19 PCR or TMA testing services. This testing meets the requirements for most travel restrictions; however, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to review any applicable travel restrictions prior to booking an appointment in order to ensure the service will meet the patient’s travel restriction requirement(s).

The specimen is collected by a nasal (anterior nares) swab. Please note that most travel restrictions require that a traveler’s test specimen IS COLLECTED within 48 to 72 hours upon arrival at destination. Results for the Standard Molecular NAAT (PCR or TMA) COVID-19 Test are generally reported within two to four days, but this delivery time is not guaranteed. If a patient needs their result delivered with a guaranteed turnaround time please see Covid Clinic’s Expedited Molecular NAAT (PCR or TMA) COVID-19 Test service offering.

Testing specimens collected at Covid Clinic are sent to third-party laboratories for processing. These laboratories may bill the patient’s insurance for their services. Covid Clinic strongly encourages all patients to provide any insurance information so patients may be able to avoid being billed directly by the third-party laboratory that processes the patient’s specimen. If a patient is uninsured, the third-party lab processing the specimen may attempt to collect public funding in lieu of billing the patient.